TGIF! Croissant and coffee in progress

TGIF! Croissant and coffee in progress. #watercolor

A work-in-progress watercolor food illustration. Recently found out that I have high blood pressure so I have to lay off the caffeine for awhile. I’m missing my daily cup of joe so instead of drinking it I’m painting my dream of an early morning breakfast of croissant and cappuccino!

Adventures into Watercolor

My parents used to send me off to oil and watercolor painting workshops when I was a little girl growing up in the Philippines. When I started working as a graphic designer, I traded my paintbrush for a Wacom pen when I started creating things digitally.

That was about 12 years ago. I have long forgotten about painting till my parents sent me this beautiful Easel/painting set for Christmas. I had always wanted to get back into watercolor but it took me a few more months before finally picking up the brush again in August 2015. Not ready to go full analog, I first started integrating watercolor textures into my digital motifs for my Summer Harvest pattern collection I created for a Skillshare class I took on Surface Pattern Design by Bonnie Christine which was a lot of fun.


A couple of my patterns that used watercolor textures:

abundance_pattern watermelon_fiesta

Eventually, I took the plunge and decided to create my first full watercolor painting of an apple in a tree. Even though I used to paint a lot when I was a kid, it wasn’t as easy as learning to ride a bike again! My experience of using watercolor for fun as a little kid is different from trying to create a frame-worthy watercolor painting.


A couple of the challenges I encountered with painting in watercolor:

  • It takes a while to learn using the right amount of water and pigment to create the effect you want.
  • Using the right paper, brushes and paint from the start is crucial. It took me reading a few articles and reviews on watercolor supplies, a lot of YouTube videos and going through different sets of watercolors and brushes to find what worked best for me.
  • Finding your own style takes a lot of time and a lot of paintings!

These were just some of the challenges I encountered when I first started getting into watercolor. Thinking of giving watercolor a try? Read my next post on the things I learned when I first got into watercolor.



Ripe for the Picking!

drop_peach_i2created Summer Harvest as a colorful celebration of the summer season, inspired by thoughts of abundance and gratitude. Living in the cold midwest, my family always looks forward to the warm summer months. It is when the spring flowers finally turn into the juiciest and sweetest apples, blueberries, peaches and watermelons. This is when my family goes apple picking, enjoy the farm fresh produce and the homemade fruit-filled baked goodies.A lot of the motiffs in this collections is also inspired by the peach and apple trees in our backyard. I love watching the flowers in spring slowly turn into apples and peaches in the summertime.

Here are the patterns I created for this collection:

Some ideas of how the patterns can be applied: